Good afternoon my favourite.
It may seem like an obsessive, I'm honestly very glad, ours communication with you.
This is some kind of new feeling for me, when you do not see it live a person from another country and speaking another language.
But it does not matter to me, because all people are different, but we all have much in common.
For me, this is our dating with you.
I really would like you to showed multiple of my photos.
To me really very important, what did you do today, how was your day?
I'm very attached to people. This is probably the terrible.
My heart whispers, that our with you dating - maybe it's fate.
I do not want to burden this word too seriously. But at the moment in my head I have such thoughts.
I want to tell you again "Hello." But too much emotions in my heart towards you, but I can not reveal their words...
I will wait for your letters again and again, because I believe that our dating is not an randomness!

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