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24 Mar 2018, 23:23
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I did not know before, how interesting live become when I get another letter from you.
You know, now I chose the photos to send you today. And I remembered that I wanted to write to you about the job.
Last summer, our teaching staff was on a one-day holiday in Pinega Reserve.
You can look at the map of the place, if you're interested. These photos were made there.
"State Nature Reserve Pinezhsky". It is 200 kilometers from my house.
My colleague Zhanna decided to arrange for me a kind of cosplay at Angelina Jolie from the movie about Lara Croft.
She even picked up me some clothes specifically for this image.
I honestly did not at first liked the idea, but then I got used to and also have some fun! And now we often remember those moments.
In general, I like my job and our team. Age of my students is 15-17 years. From them emanates positive energy on my classes.
Because many of kids love sports. But sometimes it is necessary be very strict with them because children are different.
But I try not to go too far, because this still kids.
Now parallel, I get a physical therapist education. I find it easier to do it, because I already have a degree in my profession.
And maybe later I will be able to heal people. I've always had this definite desire. I like to help people and make them more kindly.
Do you have such feelings? For example, I always wanted people to be more kindly. Because so much evil in this world.
I really rarely smile, but when I do it, I do it with all my soul. A truly and without hypocrisy.
In general, I can not pretend probably why my life is not always so good evolved. But I never regret the past.
I believe that we need seeks only forward. Through hardship to the stars.
Can you tell me about your attitude towards life? I want to know it.
Waiting for your answer. Elena.
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