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20 Mar 2018, 23:23
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Hi What is your name?,

How you today? I hope that all is good. I also am happy today because I have the letter from you. I very happy. Now I work, and I write the letter to you.

And so, I did not write to you about my family. I think that you should know about it. I have been given birth also grown in Kaluga. Now I live here. I do not remember my father because he did not live with us. I was grown only by my mother. We were the best friends, we were very much the friend close to the friend. But my mum had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died when I was absolutely the little girl. It was awful and incredible. I could not understand it for long time. I was empty. Even now I remember my mum very much frequently. You know, that I had very happy childhood. My mum and I went in park together. We play together various games. We spoke much. Only through several years I started to understand last, that she felt because I had no father with me. But I have received news from other people, that it was no mistake of my mother. My father (I cannot name his "daddy") never loved my mum. Me has left her lonely when he has learned, that my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for her to bring up me. We lived only her tiny earnings. But we never complained of our life we have solved all problems together. But we were happy. My mum always spoke me, that I should marry the person which I shall love. After death of my mum I feel very much alone because I have no neither sisters, nor brothers. To be more exact, I no any relatives.

But I have girlfriends. Anastasiya and Marina. They are remarkable girls. We can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years, and we help each other. I - confident absolutely, that if I ask Anastasiya, Marina to help me they will never refuse. Our attitudes are very strong, time has checked up them. Also In the summer for entertainment I work in my small garden. But as a hobby it certainly flowers. Roses, orchids, tulips, an aster and it is a lot of others. But main the place in a garden has my favorite flowers, has raised also an orchid. The hope you can sometime see it. I send you a photo of my girlfriends. At the left Marina, and on the right Anastasiya. And following photo me in a garden. I hope to you to like. I will wait your photo in the following letter also. I hope, that you will answer my letter. I also hope, that you are interested in our connection. I shall tell to you more about my life in my ambassador of letters.

Sincerely yours Natalya

PS. I will wait your photo in the following letter.
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