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Hello my friend!
Have you not noticed that between us there is some connection?? I dont
know if you felt the same, but I definitely have a craving for you.
Every night I remember your letter, and try to imagine your way of
life, to feel your perception of the world. I understand that nothing
can replace real communication, visual and tactile contact. Touch,
glances, touches, voice. Without this it is impossible to obtain real
pleasure from communication. Any one fulfilling relationship are
impossible without physical sensations, without sex. As corny as it
may sound. Sex allows you to feel the partner, to experience an
emotional connection. I love sex! Rare to meet people who wouldn't
love sex)) I hope that soon we will have the opportunity to see each
other)) And we don't miss this chance! I hope my candor is not too
embarrassing. Sometimes I think I'm too openly express my emotions and
feelings. If it's for you is a problem, then immediately tell me about
it. Now I would like to return to my internship program. You
probably have a misunderstanding about this issue. Firstly, very soon
I will be in your country) For me it's all very thrillingly, as I
never was in other places, in addition to Khabarovsk. I was a little
scared of the language barrier, but I think my English is not so bad.
Although... maybe only I think so)) Each year the government of Russia
gives the opportunity to the best students to obtain international
practice. During the study I was the exemplary student at the
Department of Dentistry, in relation to learning and attendance. As
I said earlier the result of all this was the Diploma with Honors and
internship program abroad. I chose your country for the internship not
by chance. You have a very high rate of professionalism in this field
and use the most advanced technologies. While in Russia, people are
still afraid to visit the dentist because it is pure sadism, not a
comfortable treatment. This is the paradox of Russia. There is
knowledge, but there is no possibility of applying them in practice
due to the lack of modern equipment. The duration of the internship is
6 months. The first 2 weeks I will be in the capital, to listen to the
course of lectures. Next, I will have to choose the city in which my
entire practice will take place. In the event that I dont have certain
preferences, then the place of my practice will be chosen by
management. Even now I am writing to you and my heart is racing with
joy. I am madly looking forward to this trip! Such a chance comes once
in a lifetime! I think you agree with me. Under the agreement, the
whole trip paid by my government. A complete package that includes
accommodation, food and clothing (if necessary). I have another
delicate question for you. How do you feel about more intimate photos?
If you don't mind, I'd like to send you more sexy photos. I must know
your decision. I believe that we can achieve a closer relationship
than just friends. You're very very attractive) We need to trust each
other 100. The more we communicate, the more understanding there will
be between us. With great trembling waiting for your letter.
Your Alina!
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