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Hello my sweet!
More and more I become addicted to your letters.When I don't see a new
letter from you, I open the previous letters and reread them. If a
year ago someone told me what lies ahead of me, so many highlights, I
would have just laughed and not believed it. I never was reaching for
the stars and always tried to feel the ground under my feet. But now
I'm so happy that everything seems a particularly beautiful and
harmonious. Perhaps this is the so-called "white stripe" in my life.
Despite all the turmoil and anxiety of the trip, I feel calm. I know
that "There" in a unfamiliar country, I have a friend is You! Thank
you for reading my letters and answering them. I believe that soon our
acquaintance will become closer and closer. How cool would it be to
talk on the phone, but lately I'm a little scattered. I don't know
what happened to my phone, all day can't find him. This morning I got
up from the phone alarm clock and went out for my daily jog. Then I
packed my clothes and prepared to eat and remembered about the phone
only closer to the dinner. I tried to call my number, but it looks
like it's battery is flat. The most important thing is that it's not
lost(( There's a lot of personal information including photos(( I hope
that it will be found. Something thoughts on the phone haunt me(( Now
is not the time! Need to switch attention to something else. Dear,
today I will show you my immodest photos) Tell me if you like
it! It is very important to me! I need to know am I attracting you as
a woman, physically? May my photos bring you only positive emotions
and a little passion;) In fact I try to keep my body and figure.
Almost every day I run, 3 times a week doing home workouts + mandatory
stretching exercises. I believe that grace and plasticity adorn a
woman. Sometimes I compare myself with a cat. Soft, flexible, graceful
cat that sometimes can scratch the offender)) I Almost forgot to ask
you how you feel about Smoking? I don't smoke and think it's a very
bad habit! I can afford a little bit of alcohol. I love red wine or
some champagne to relax, but no cigarettes! Don't know why, but now I
want to share with you something very personal. I tried to hide it
from everyone and never talk about it( But I think I can be honest
with you. In my childhood I was a very notorious child and the
children mocked me as I could. From all the bullying I received
emotional trauma and closed from all ceasing to talk. I spent the
whole year was silent and suffered all the attacks from the children
from the orphanage. But thanks to the psychologist that was there for
me all this time, I slowly began to recover. This woman taught me to
fight back, learned to love myself. I still consider her as the main
person in my life. Unfortunately, it is no longer in this world(( But
I'll always remember her! I really wish we had something personal that
connects us to each other. Please keep my secret and open your
heart to me. Looking forward to your answer.
Gently embrace...
Your Alina
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