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22 Mar 2018, 20:11
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Hello !! Nice to see your message. Thank you fro invitation. Will see! So many thoughts were in my head about what to write and what photos send to you.
I decided not to torture myself for a long time. My colleague from work continues to advise how to answer you.
I tell her that I have enough advices, I know myself what to do because this is my life.
I write to you, what I think at the moment, that's all. I think this is the most honest way of communicating.
I want to tell you a bit about my family. My father Dmitrii former Navy officer. We have rarely seen in my childhood, and now do not see each other.
I have always had my affairs, he had his affairs accordingly. My mother Natalia, real housewife.
She always remains a good mom for me and an excellent keeper of the hearth. I always wanted to be like her and create my family.
I do not live with my parents since the childhood, because I lived in a sports boarding school since seventh grade,
and after moved to study in Arkhangelsk for physical education teacher. I have a native sister Olga.
With her we try to see and spend time together. She is an artist. They all live in Murmansk. There is even colder than here.
I do not have digital photos with my parents, because I was not in Murmansk 11 years. But I call them from time to time.
Olga comes to me periodically. She says that her inspiration comes in Severodvinsk.
You know, I sometimes get the feeling that I was born in this city and I live my whole life here.
In my youth I traveled to competitions in Russia and I looked a bit of Russian cities, but I've never been abroad.
I do not have children. I almost forgot to tell you about another member of my family. This is my cat Chumka.
Is said that pets look like their owners, but this is my exact opposite. The most lazy creation of the world.
I wanted to write to you about my job today, but I leave it for tomorrow, because so much has talked.
Tell me about your job too.
Waiting for your answer. Elena.
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