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DCS 890044

25 Mar 2018, 21:15
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I do not have telegram. I'm very tired today. I do not remember when that was the last time.
Today at work we had a general cleaning. The whole college was seething with work.
All the teaching staff and students cleaned the premises. At my disposal, of course, was the gym.
It's good that the students helped me, otherwise I would go mad. But I understand that this is an integral part of our lives.
We must be able to establish order in the first place to start with the head. How we treat ourselves, so other people will treat us.
My sister often says this. I do not know where she gets it from, but I like it when she says smart things.
Despite the hard day, I'm in a good mood, because I saw your letter. Tell me about your day.
I think it's time to get acquainted on the phone. Send me the full number with the country code
and a detailed description of how to call you. Because I never called abroad and I'm afraid of making a mistake.
Please do not laugh at me, I can not speak English very well. I did it at school for the last time.
I'm waiting for your letter with the phone number. Now I am very tired and want to rest. Bye.
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