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Thank you for your reply. I am so happy that you have an
interest and thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my
It is time to tell you more about myself. I am thinking what to begin
with. You know, I did not realize that it would be so difficult.
However, I want you know more about how I live. I really do not know
how to begin, it is so hard. It seems I had so many thoughts and ideas
just a minute ago, but now I am speechless)) May be because I am
excited?) I need to calm down and begin… Let me start with a short
story about me. I guess you want to know me more. As I told you
before, my name is Tatyana. I am 28 and live in Syktyvkar, Russia. My
height is 167 cm. My weight is 53 kg. I have never been married. I
have no children. I think you ask yourself why a Russian girl writes
you, don’t you? I am sure you do. Let me try to answer this question
honestly and outspokenly. Please be sure that I take it serious. I
will write you faithfully, without cheating. Each word in this email
is like a part of me. Each word comes from my heart. In each email I
will open you my soul. May be I should not do this, who knows. But I
feel I should be honest to you. This way you will see my inner world,
my thoughts. I hope you will also write me honestly and from your
heart. Opening our souls we will understand each other better. How I
look, you’ll see at pictures. You’ll see my appearance. Reading my
email I want you see my inner world. This is very important to me. Ohh
my God! I promised to answer the question and did forget. Can you
imagine how many thoughts come to my mind? It seems a million. ))) I
want to tell you about everything in one email. However, let me to
answer why I did write you. I had a man, but our relationship run out
badly. I gave all my feelings, my soul and heart to him and expected
the same. I wanted our feelings were mutual. I wanted he cared about
me. I wanted he just respected me. I really thought we would be
together for the rest of our lives and I even made plans for our
future. The future where we are happy just because we are together.
But he cheated on me with another woman. And that was the end. His
cheating opened my eyes. Now I understand how blind I was, now I know
I lived in an illusion. He used me and it hurts. I was so busy with
home stuff that I noticed nothing and of course I trusted him. I did
everything for him. I made a breakfast for us every morning, then
hurried up to my work. My lunch break I spent at home cleaning our
apartment and cooking. Then came back to work. I was so tired of it,
but I wanted he felt my love and care. I’m writing you this now and
remember. And this makes me cry. I don’t want to remember it. Never! I
don’t want to write you about bad things that happened in my life. Now
I am OK and I feel I am ready to start a new life, I am ready for new
relationship. But, please, don’t hurt me. I hope you understand me.
Another reason why I wrote you is the mentality of Russian men. Most
of them don’t look at the future. They live today and don’t make any
plans to change their lives to the better. They don’t goals and
aspirations in life. Most of men are drinking a lot. It is rather
difficult to describe you all the reasons in one email. But I think
you understand what I am talking about. I am looking for a man who is
thinking about the future, who has goals. I am looking for an
optimistic man who doesn’t stop and moves forward to his dreams. When
I watch foreign films, I see you have a different way of life. You
just think and live in a different way. This is also one of the
reasons why I wrote you. So I love watching movies. I live alone in my
own apartment. Sometimes I feel lonely and my evenings I spend
watching movies. You know I love the film “The Great Gatsby” I watched
it several times. And what is your favorite film? I am also curious to
know how you imagine a single girl evening. Tell me. I am very curious
to know. I also love reading if I have leisure time. My favorite book
is “Anna Karenina” that was written by the great Russian writer Lev
Nikolaevich Tolstoy. I also love to go out and breathe fresh air. I
like to walk in the park, near the river, just through the streets of
our beautiful city. If you’d like I’ll tell you more about my city in
my next email and send you some pictures of it. In my free time I also
go to the gym or go to a cafe with my friends. Weekends I often spend
with my parents. They live out of the city. I will be more than happy
to tell you more about how I spend my free time. I just respect your
time. It seems my email is too long. I don’t want to waste your time.
I am looking forward to your reply. Please tell me more about you, how
you live, how you spend your free time. I am very interested to know
you better. Please don’t forget to answer my questions. Have a nice
day! Tatyana.
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