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Always good
Hello Joerg ! How is your day going? Hope you’re fine! I cannot stop
thinking about you. I imagine how you spend your day, how you feel. I
want to take care of you so that you can feel joyful! I want to make
you the happiest man in the world. But I can do it only with the help
of emails. Every word in my emails comes from my heart so that you can
feel my care. Do you feel it by any chance? As usual, I am writing you
when I have a break. Thank you for your email. I am always happy to
see your email. Today people are too busy to take the time on someone
else. They work nonstop, they have their own troubles. But you no
matter what, find the time to shoot me a message. I really appreciate
your time. Thank you for that my dear. We continue our communication.
We became more open to each other than earlier. This is so sweet! Your
emails warm my soul. I can read them repeatedly. I think we have very
similar life goals, dreams and desires. My greatest desire now is to
meet you in real! Do you remember that we should think about this
together? Then it will come true)). As for me, I am constantly
thinking about it. It would be so wonderful to walk together in the
park and talk about everything that comes to our minds. If we believe
in this dream, it will definitely come true. I am sure and believe. I
hope you too.
Joerg , today I have a very busy day. Today morning our boss informed us
about a follow-up audit. That was a surprise for everyone. We started
to prepare immediately. I need to be ready for this audit as well. But
first of all I will write you))) At the meeting I also asked my boss
to give me a day off, so that I can visit my parents. He agreed but
only after the audit. When I was writing you my previous email, I felt
so sad that I have not seen them for a long time. That’s why I decided
to take a day off and visit them. They will be very happy to see me. I
am sure. I hope you remember that I want to tell my parents about you.
Because I am so happy. And I need to share my feelings. I'm interested
to see their reaction. I think they will be pleasantly surprised. But
I am not going to tell someone else about you. Not now) My parents the
only one who I can share my thoughts and feelings. They are my native.
I can talk with them on any topic. You are the third person, who I can
talk about everything with! I like to tell you everything about my
life and my thoughts. It's so great that you understand and support
me. Personally, I'm rather shy and humble. I do not know if I could
share everything with you, if we meet in reality. I think no)). That’s
why I am so glad that we met in Internet and can talk via email.
However, please do not think that in reality, I will be silent and
there will be nothing to talk about. This is not the case. Just in
emails it's easier for me to be completely open to you. I do it with
pleasure, because I know that you’re a real man! I'm sure that you
will not hurt me. You know how difficult it is to find honesty and
sincerity in a relationship, so I’m sure you appreciate it. You
deserve love and happiness. I'm sure you'll have it all! I worry about
you. I thank the fate because it brought you! Joerg , I’m crying. I am
writing to you about this and tears are coming…tears of happiness.
Honestly, I'm happy that we know each other and continue to
communicate ... Dear Joerg , I have to finish my email. The audit is
waiting for me(( I have much stuff to do. If I am not tired, I am
going to gym after work))) My evening I will spend reading a book and
thinking about you. I am looking forward to your reply. As usual. Have
a blessed day!! Yours Tatyana
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