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Hello , I ask you to read my letter , it will take a few minutes of your time!
I am very glad that you responded to my letter.I'm sorry that I took so long to answer you after your first letter,I had problems with the Internet!
As you already know, my name is Anna .Me 27, I live in Russia in city of Samara. I can only have a dialogue in English.,so I'm just writing to you in English . I ask you to read my letter carefully, because I know what I think about what I am writing. Based on your answers, I'll be watching, does it make sense to continue our dialogue further or not? Honestly, I don't like being ignored. It just so happens that I tell people about myself, you can say that I open my soul, but they can just ignore it. By sending me letters just stale, and even sometimes forget to change the name of the letter. This is very offensive to me and has caused a lot of pain in the past, I don't want it to happen again. Just don't worry, I'm not angry.Do not jump to cnclusions, read my letter till the end and even then draw conclusions.In fact, I was very kind and friendly. It just makes life a careful and often rough due to many cases of fraud and evil. I really like you, and I see that you care. Who knows what will end our correspondence, but I hope, that you and I would at least be dear friends. I am a student and now I am in medical Academy, Samara. But more about that in next letter. First, to start a dialogue, just want to say that the money I earn working as a photographer, weddings, celebrations, anniversaries. I like people who are not afraid of the negative opinion of others about themselves, I like people who are not afraid of the open expression of desire. I'm sorry if my English isn't very good. I can speak English, but unfortunately I am writing in a bad way in German . I hope you understand what I write to you. If You don't understand, ask me about it. I like to have un, I love jokes, jokes,and I am a very cheerful disposition. I'll never be bored. With regard to age.I think that age is not important in the relationship between people.The most important thing is the ability to love and respect! Simply love of the real man really knows! The soul of the pure heart and the most important components of man. Age doesn't matter. As they say, love does not know age. I appreciate and love people who are close to me. I sincerely hope that we will be very close because you like it very much. Very rarely happens to me, someone I loved at first sight. They are very demanding. But you have made something attractive. I don't know what. It's just like I'm on a subconscious level. You know how it goes, like a man, like another. Everything's on a subconscious level. I understand people very well. I don't want to brag, but it's true. Even if you're not too old, I was 27, but I had a hard life, and I had to grow up fast. I'm just waiting for someone to protect me, but I'mjust hoping for myself. He taught me to enjoy every moment of my life,
never lose heart and never complain about fate. In fact, we have the fate of the creators. Do you agree with me? I also want to discuss once there's a problem, a lot of hype on the Internet, I've come across this by talking to people before.Lie with more lies and sometimes even think that not meeting the right person and with a computer program. I want to make sure you're a real person, I want to call you. I want to hear your voice and make sure you're a real person. Enter your phone number and I'll call you. I mean right away if you only need my erotic pictures, and if I'm not interested in you as a person who doesn't need to write anything more. Many have tried to trick my photos. Someone told me that he loves me, making a series of compliments, promising a lot of money, but if I don't like people, I don't make those images for him. And as soon as people understand each other, he disappeared. It was very painful and humiliating for me. I don't like candid images, I really like them. I like it when I admire it, it lifts my spirit. But I don't want anyone to do this to me. When I want, I want to take explicit photos and send them to you if you want. I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. I would be very interested to know more!! Tell me more about yourself, the country, the city where you live. I find it very interesting. I have a great demand, please answer all of my questions and comment on what you think about everything that I wrote. It's very important to me. Don't forget me, please email as soon as possible. With best wishes!!My new friend I would like to send you my photo,hope you appreciate them,this is my photo home archive, it's not very long ago was going to school and asked me to take a picture of me! Anna
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