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28 Mar 2018, 05:53
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How are you doing today? I hope your mood is good and this my letter will make it only better for you!

You know, it's really not easy to start writing this second letter to you. Even that first, short letter – for me it was much easier to write. Because then, I wanted to attract your interest, and I wrote you a short information about me. Now I see that I was able to receive your interest, I'm really happy about it. And I understand that now I must write a more detailed letter. And, at the same time, I want to be sure that I correctly understood your answer to my first letter. I want to be sure that you are really interested in further communicating with me, in getting to know me better and also so that I could learn more about you. Because I believe that this will be the best way to develop our acquaintance into something more serious. I will not hide it and will tell you right away, that my main goal is to find the man with whom I will spend my entire life. The only one whom I will love, take care and receive in return a similar.

Before I sit to write this letter, I thought for a while about what to write in this letter, how to write it and what I would like to tell you first? And I decided that this letter would also not be very large. I will write in this only basic information about me so that you could better understand with whom you communicate and how I found you.

And so, as you already know from my first short letter, my name is Liryana. My age is 28 years old. My birthday is on 10 May. I live in Serbia, this is the state located on the Balkan Peninsula, in South-Eastern Europe. Later, I promise to tell you more about my country and my city and life here.

At this stage of my life, I realized that I am very tired of being alone. And I can not name a lonely life as a real life. I believe that this is just an existence, that does not make sense. Also having some sad experience in the past with local men from my country, I realized it would be very difficult to meet my fate here. So I decided to look for a man from another country. For this, I applied to a local dating agency. This dating agency receives contact information of single people from various sources. They have international dating sites as partners. Also use information from various newspapers that specialize in helping single people find love. So I got your contact email. I paid a little money for the services of this dating agency, they made for me the email from which you received my first short letter. And now, when I saw your answer, I came to the Internet cafe and created a new, my personal email. And only I have access to this e-mail. So I am writing you now with a new address and I hope that this will not be a problem for you? And also I have some intuition that you are the kind of person, who will have a serious impact on my life. Maybe you'll be the best man I'm looking for. Or we will be good friends in the end, who can easily talk on any topic and always support each other even by long distance. Only time will show it.

A little bit about my life. I was born in an ordinary family. My dad works on a farm, my mother works as a teacher at school. I live separately from them, in another city. I have an education as an accountant, but do not work for this specialty. I work as a seller in a large perfume and cosmetics store. I have a not very active lifestyle. Most of free time, I spend at home reading books, listening to music or doing household chores. Occasionally I have meetings with friends. I have only a few close friends. They are all girls. Despite my appearance, I am a very modest and homely girl. I do not really like big noisy companies. During all my life I was only one time abroad on the sea, it was couple years ago and I was in Montenegro, it’s the country which has the border with mine country.

I ask you that at the moment we use e-mail, to start our communication and to get to know each other better. Later, I promise you that we will find another way to communicate. For me, e-mail is a very convenient tool, because I can not spend much time in an Internet cafe, communicating in various social networks such as Face Book or various messengers. I do not even have an account there. In my country, the Internet has a very slow speed, so for example using Skype - it's almost not real at this speed of the Internet. My cell phone was broken about a week ago, and now I expect when it will be repaired. The master repairing it said that it could take about a month or more. Everything will depend on how quickly spare parts from China arrive. But I'm not very upset because of the breakdown of this, because it usually happens that 2-3 days, this phone just lies without any call or SMS. At the same time, I believe that letters are a very old means of communication and also very convenient. Because in one letter I can write you a lot of my thoughts, tell you about myself, so that you have the full picture of my life, me as a person. I do not think that if you have a short chat in Face Book. SMS or something like that, it would possible to have the same result as by letter. It's much better to sit down, read your letter, concentrate, think about everything and after that write you a good, detailed answer. I hope that you will agree with me. And in the future, you can find enough free time to write me letters.

In this letter, I would also like to tell you that for me the age difference does not matter. For me, these are just digits, beyond which only a rich life experience can be hidden. But these digits will never be a hindrance to my communication with a person or the relationship with him.

I hope that in the next letter you will also tell me a little more about you, your life and send some your photos. I hope that our goals coincide, and you are also tired of being lonely and want to change your life. Perhaps this is our good chance, and I think we should use this. So let's just try to get to know each other better and see what we'll have in the end?

I look forward to your letter soon.
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