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I'm very glad that you answered. I really want to know you better. I
want to communicate with you. I first came to the Internet cafe for
dating. And now I do not regret it. I saw you on a dating site, I do
not remember which one. But I'm glad that I took this step. Let's get
acquainted better. In this letter I will tell you about me, and I will
ask you. OK? I am 29 years old. My birthday is April 25th. I'm 30
years old. But for all this time I have never met my life partner. But
I'm very keen on men's attention and communication. I had
relationships with men, but they did not last long. Then I'll tell you
about it. My height is 167 cm. Weight 56 kg. I like to practice at the
gym to support my figure. I think that I have it?!?! I like to relax
in nature. Sitting by the fire. Sleeping in a tent. I love theater,
cinema. I like to just walk along the street. Perhaps someday we'll
walk with you holding hands with each other?!?!? Write me more about
you. Where do you work? What do you do in your free time? How do you
like to relax? What is your height? The weight? Birthday? I am
interested in everything. And if there is a photo then send me more. I
will wait for your answer. I send you another Photo. Do you like me???
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