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Hello my friend, I am very pleased to receive your response to my letter.
I would like to say straight away that she was married and married, we lived with my ex-husband of 5 years, and then he found another woman and left me.
I only realized over time that it is possible even for the better, because the relationship exhausted and feeling lost. I have no children. Now I'm all alone.
already a year has passed, I want to find a man for a serious relationship.
I very much hope that the meeting of a man who will love me for real. you were married before? Do you have children?
Most of the time I'm working (I work in the office of a simple accountant), as well as work out in the gym, I'm always positive and active.
my religion - Christian, and I'm sure every month I go to church, you go to church?
Tell me more about myself, I would like to know more about you.
very much look forward to your response, your Mariia
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