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Hello my dear!
Well, I see that our acquaintance goes on and I think I even need to tell you about my parents.
Name of my mother Anna, now she is retired, she taught at the University of the English language, its a very good woman, and she was always an example for me, so I know a little English,
I'm talking of course its not as good as the writing, but I think that for us it will not be problem for communication.
my dad died 6 years ago, he had a heart attack and his heart stopped.
I was very worried and cry a lot, but now nothing can be changed, and I eventually come to terms with it.
Tell me more about your family and relatives, ok?
Its fashionable to get acquainted through the Internet, so I decided to try it. I have never tried to get acquainted through the Internet, so this is my first encounter, and you ve got the first man with whom I corresponded over the Internet. You have been dating a woman over the Internet?
Well, if you will have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I'll try to answer them. Now I end my letter with great impatience will wait for your answer.
I hope that our dialogue will continue further and we learn a lot about each other.
Waiting your reply, sincerely yours Mariia
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